Double Hatting

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Sharing a piece I wrote about Eugene Tan’s appointment and the art ecology in Singapore, published in AAP’s July print edition.

As I was penning this, I came across a line:
“It’s the assumption everyone has made: because I dare to offer an opinion, I must be trying to burn the temple down. On the contrary, I’m trying to make sure it survives.”
Lord Altrincham, The Crown

This pretty much sums up the spirit of why this was written. I’m sure that too was the intention of those who opined on the issue. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Double bill screening of two documentaries AsiaNow, Paris

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profile-john-and-cheryl-2.jpgWhy collect art when you can enjoy it in museums?

Telling a story in text and in film has been something I have wanted to do. So when I was asked if I would be interested to write a collector’s profile for ArtAsiaPacific, it was a quick yes – only this time, I asked if I could bring my camera along.

I chose to feature Cheryl Loh and John Chia because I love it that they are all that art is about, and at the same time, all that the art world is not. They have a really interesting collection, but it is not the names that one first encounters, it is their love of art and the knowledge and thoughts that art engenders. This is as much a story about artists and their works as it is a story about collections.

It gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to tell the story of really special people in my backyard – in my one-man band kind of guerrilla-style interview and shoot over 4 hours. Thank you to Cheryl and John for being such good sport.

For those in Indonesia and are not able to access Vimeo, here’s the link on YouTube.

The article was published in the Nov/ Dec issue of ArtAsiaPacific for those who are subscribers.

The 24-Hour Art Practice premieres in The Hague

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“The Authentication in Art Congress found Patricia’s film necessary to be shown at the Authentication in Art Congress in May 2016. There were some 160 experts who were present, some with the practice of collecting [art] this way. Personally, I found the documentary not only enlightening from a professional point of view, but very strong because Patricia ‘grows’ with the turn that also overtook her during the duration of the project. This open-mindedness makes it a strong masterpiece that transcends cultures and time periods.”

Hartelijke groet, Milko | Organiser, Authentication in Art Congress

“The 24-Hour Art Practice by Patricia Chen.  For some time I have sought for a contact with IDFA, to re-introduce this documentary, after I saw it at the “Authentication in Art” conference, this year in May.  The movie made a deep impression, not only on me, but on the complete group of nearly 100 international experts on the topic of ‘authentication’ and provenance in Art.  The topic is about a private art collector in Indonesia, whose rather famous collection was being re-framed within the western discourse on ‘authentication and value’ and thus became a focus of controversy.  Patricia Chen, in my opinion, was able to document this rather tragic process because she is not only a very interesting director, but also familiar with both Western and Asian ways of dealing with works that we consider to be art. Her movie is essential in two ways: not only is it an outsider’s view that enables us to reconsider the tragic way that we have fallen into traps that the art-market presents today, it has also brought Patricia Chen, as the messenger in peril herself; she has had to accept that her documentary was banned from its intended première in Singapore.”

In both ways, I think, the representation of this documentary could be important for our reflection on the state of the current discourse on art in our own world, the discourse  is perverted, degenerated, and even poisonous as Patricia Chen shows us by her case study.

Marc-Jan Trapman

China’s Art Missionary available at Sheffield Doc/Fest Videotheque

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The short film, China’s Art Missionary, has been selected for the Sheffield Doc/Fest Videotheque, accessible to industry delegates throughout the period of the festival and 90 days after. Sheffield Documentary Festival is UK’s biggest documentary festival and the third largest in the world.

China's Art Missionary, Patricia Chen, Uli Sigg, Chinese art, art collecting, asian art

e-Poster, China’s Art Missionary

Special screening cum discussion in Hong Kong

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“The 24 Hour Art Practice is an intimate, revealing look at the Oei Hong Djien (OHD) Museum in Magelang.Suggestive without being accusatory, Chen’s film pointedly highlights the issue of how far public standards of accountability ought to be imposed on what are ostensibly “private” collections built up by wealthy individuals who may not always see eye to eye with the self-appointed guardians of a nation’s cultural heritage.

It prompts the beginnings of a wider discussion on how private museums need to engage with the question of their public profile, and perceived role as an arbiter of academic and art historical value, in a region where the state has not yet adequately filled these roles.”

 Darryl Wee, Head of Visual Arts, Asia,


I’m thankful to the Hong Kong Arts Centre for reiterating their strong support and desire to proceed with a special screening to the art world during the Art Basel period and to ArtAsiaPacific for moderating the post-screening discussion relating to private museums in Asia. I’m looking forward to the discourse in Hong Kong.

Thanks also to Singapore Tourism Board for their unstinting support throughout the entire process. Hope to be able to publicly screen it in Singapore soon.

It has been one hell of a ride, but I have discovered gems in the art world along the way. Thank you all for your support !! The show will go on. The interview I did with Darryl Wee from Art Info aptly describes the journey of filmmaking.

Special art world screening-cum-discussion
March 15, 4pm, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Strictly by registration only
(online registration will be available shortly)

Patricia Chen

Director & Producer, The 24-Hour Art Practice


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The cancellation and postponement of public screenings in Singapore (Jan 23) and Indonesia (Feb 3) have been interesting episodes in the journey of this documentary film, The 24-Hour Art Practice. The circumstances that led to their cancellation/postponement very much reflect the state of interdependency of relationships and reveal the various dynamics that are at work within the Asian art scene — both visible and invisible.  This incidental “side show” says as much about Asia and its relationship with art than any film can illustrate.

The 24 Hour Art Practice

For more information :


Available at Select Books: Uli Sigg In Conversation with Patricia Chen, Collecting Chinese Contemporary Art

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Uli Sigg In Conversation: Collecting Chinese Contemporary Art

Find out more : Uli Sigg In Conversation with Patricia Chen: Collecting Chinese Contemporary Art


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Leading Patrons of Asian Art












Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of Leading Patrons of Asian Art series of publications and films, a project I have been fully immersed in for the past 3 years.

Uli Sigg will be the first protagonist of the series. Universally known as the patron who amassed one of the most comprehensive collections of Chinese contemporary art in the world, Sigg made headlines when he donated more than 60% of his collection, valued at USD 163million to the M+ museum of visual culture in Hong Kong in June 2012.

Presented with the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the event will debut the publication, Uli Sigg: In Conversation with Patricia Chen, with the screening of China’s Art Missionary, an excerpt of a documentary film in progress. Uli Sigg will also be present for a session of Q & A.

For those who are in or will be heading to Hong Kong, do come and join us!
Admission is free and ticket registration is now available on a first come first served basis.

For more information on the project, do visit

Patricia Chen
Author and Filmmaker


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Join the Asian Art Scrapbook Group on Facebook and get connected to what’s happening in the Asian art world.

The Asian Art Scrapbook facebook page welcomes interested members of the arts community to connect

The Asian Art Scrapbook facebook page welcomes interested members of the arts community to connect